Praises from Africa

July 2, 2008

Today, we landed. Sweat dripped from the brow.
Hunger pangs are felt as never before. Backpack strapped;Book in hand. Ready.
I have never been here and is different than expected. Longer plains and many species to see.
Hot winds cause a toil travel. I thirst, but I am hunting. I did not know what I was up against.
I hope it is worth it as I want to forsake it already. Let me be; I am on a mission.
It is not for me.

Village is on the horizon. Scarcity is well known. I may not be accepted, but some will find out.
Believe me and see, they do not have what you have. Poverty is a disease. Babies dead; Children weak. I hold one and cannot see through the water.
Mother’s sick and father is lost. Rice is low as it is too much cost.
The dead are living and the living are dead.

They gather around as they see the book. Meditating and translating;these are important.
Dusk has arrived as the Scriptures are opened. Crowds upon crowds, what will I say?
The weak and hungry thought I had food. The sick and dying thought maybe a cure.
Some were angry, yet some listened. I was here to tell of their condition.
None had ever heard and none ever had seen, the truth that caused them to believe.
Hearts were pierced and their conscience within;
The book spoke about the presence of sin. Some had fallen to their knees;
Some were wailing under the trees. This may cause death, but for me it is gain.
I care not when I leave, whether sooner or later.
I am not here for myself, but to preach Jesus Christ, Our Savior.


Cries from Hollywood

June 28, 2008

My feature film debuts soon. Maybe I will be alive when it releases.
My character is not who I really am, but it is who I want to be;at least for a time.
The attention I receive snatches at my soul, as if I have no control.
Everybody knows me. Flashes from the carpet, second and third efforts to make a name for myself, leaves me blinded and unable to see; this I know. Maybe I will make it. But, Wine will be near because it makes me alive.

I think I know what to do. Who am I? I am an actor, perhaps you are not.
But, I like to laugh, like you. I like to paint too. As I look at my palms, each line is art to me. There is always something I feel I can’t see. You don’t understand; money is not the problem. Should I spend on you? Maybe you don’t know me.
I am not a robot; my feelings are for all.
Remembrance comes natural as it is what I do. Maybe it covers how I feel right now? My reflection seems different than yesterday’s.

Please don’t solve the problem I do not have. Standing is easy; it is the walking thats not.
I miss the laugh; the one that you have. I don’t do much anymore.
I sit here and wait; no one has called back. Eyes are jaded, can you see?
Hearts are beautiful when they beat fast. I am not sick, though I may need your help.
I am for all to see, but keep this discreet. I love to pretend, but now I am not.
Remembrance comes natural as it is what I do. Not at all. Not at all.
I do not remember you. I am faced with myself. What do I do?
Will you remember me? Take my eyes to show the world.
Where I am going, I do not know. But, maybe I will make it.