5 reasons why I believe Piper should invite Warren to the 2010 DG Conference.

April 13, 2010

I have and will rarely post anything on my blog [website] that is seemingly irrelevant to the purposes and ultimate goal of my writing.  Much of it has to do with the risk and temptation of being slanderous and sounding like a gossip. However, since I care about the reputation of John Piper and his ministry, I will address this issue that has seemed to permeate the reformed blogosphere in a more negative than positive way.  Namely, John Piper has invited Mr. Rick Warren to speak at the 2010 Desiring God Conference.

            At first, I responded the same way that many people did that are, “Piper fans.” Since I have at least read both of Piper and Warren, I have always typically considered them to be in two different categories doctrinally and theologically.  One of the reasons this is true is that I started my Christian life with reading books like, “The Purpose Driven life.”  If I were to read that book now, I would probably not find as much spiritual edification from it is as I thought I did when I was first converted.  I have been introduced by God’s spirit to reformed theology or Calvinism, i.e., the systematic biblical view of soteriology and the doctrine of God.  Now, I find much encouragement from reading the Puritans like Owen and Edwards, among others, like John Piper.  Through John Piper’s ministry, I have been revealed to understand God’s wisdom and purposes of theology and doctrine in the Christian life. 

            One of the things that I have learned over the last six years or so of my Christian life is that your “theology” or “doctrine” is not something that is an option if you are a Christian.  Some professing Christians thrive on the, “What can God do for me?” attitude that never seems to place much emphasis on the importance of theology or the “moving on to deeper things.”  In other words, the emphasis of this effort is on the self and not on God himself.  Since everything we believe about God, Jesus Christ and sin is considered our “theology,” and therefore either true or not; therein, I believe, lays the seeming divulgence between John Piper and Rick Warren.  However, there are five basic reasons why I believe Dr. Piper should invite Rick Warren to the DG 2010 Conference.

1.)    Although John Piper believes that Rick Warren is, “doctrinal and theological,” according to his statement about him, I still believe that Warren will be far more affected by Piper’s preaching than vice versa (whether Piper’s statement is true or not).

2.)    Since John Piper is a Calvinist, hopefully those who follow his ministry and teaching believe in the Sovereignty of God as he teaches.  Therefore, they should trust that God is infinitely wiser in His sovereign decisions, regardless of what man sees at face value. Therefore, it is God who invited Rick Warren to the 2010 Desiring God Conference. 

3.)    Neither John Piper nor Rick Warren wrote the Scriptures.  They are merely two teachers of what was already written infallibly throughout the generations by the holy spirit.  Both men are fallible and both are sinners.  Therefore, both will be accountable to God for what they teach and not to man (ultimately).

4.)    Rick Warren’s invitation will be a great tool in the testing of hearts and character of those who “follow” John Piper.  If we worship the Christ that Piper preaches, then we are humbled at the request of Piper’s invitation of Rick Warren.  However, if John Piper is viewed as in idol or “celebrity preacher” if you will, then these are the people that are most tempted to slander or immediately consider Dr. Piper an apostate or heretic.  We may be proven to actually worship or have worshiped John Piper.

5.)    Rick Warren’s invitation does not prevent truth from being spoken, the gospel from being preached and Jesus Christ from being glorified.

But I am very curious to see what happens.  I am pretty sure John Piper is too.


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