March 2, 2009

One would only need to read a small portion of Scripture in the Word of God to be reminded that this world is passing away. I can drive down the street and forget Christ. I can work out in the gym and become completely self-sufficient. I can have a phone conversation and become completely distracted from the Gospel. I think obsessively about an injury or issue and completely overlook the Glory of God.

The Scriptures are not only a source of refuge from this world, but the only source of refuge. If you are born-again by the Spirit of God, then the Word is the only thing that separates you from the world. As we trudge a long day at work, fighting our own natures and the perversions of the world [which is everywhere], the Word of God provides the truth of the Universe to convict and feed the soul. The Word reminds us that God’s people are chosen out of the world. The world as a whole will be judged and the earth itself will be annihilated. As a Christian, it is rare to find others gathered in a circle in public places reading and meditating on the Word of God. It is rarer still to find that in the sense of sound doctrine. The Mercy of Christ is what the believer ultimately sees when he finds ultimate satisfaction in His undefiled, unapproachably pure and unalterably convicting Word. Its power is such that it draws sinners out of the world and unto Himself.


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