10 possible meditations for a devotion

February 18, 2009

1.) Jesus Christ actually walked this planet and historically died on the Cross. Meditate on the historical reality of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.

2.) The blood of Jesus’ being shed is the only forgiveness for sins that is possible. Not only that, the power of that blood is enough to forgive all sins forever and thus imparts eternal life of bliss and perfect fellowship from the Creator to the undeserved sinner.

3.) Singles should rejoice in this season to do the work of an evangelist and fulfilling the Great Commission to speak the words of eternal life to the dead and lost.

4.) Married couples should pray to love their spouses in a way that brings the most glory to God according to His Word. Husbands meditate upon the Love of Christ and how He sacrificially loves His church. Wives submit to your husbands in reverence for Christ.

5.) This life on earth is merely a vapor. Meditate on eternity and how losing your life for the sake of Christ makes this world less and less attractive. This world will pass. The Word of God lasts forever.

6.) Meditate on the fact that the Holy Spirit prays for you in your weakness. When you are weakest physically, spiritually and emotionally, then you are strongest in Christ.

7.) We are regenerated by the Holy Spirit, given life and the ability to be obedient to God. Meditate on how He has sanctified you with His Word and Spirit to be more like Him and thus preparing you to be with Him, face to face for eternity.

8.) Meditate on Christian persecution and what it means to be persecuted or killed for preaching salvation in Jesus Christ.

9.) Meditate on becoming a student of God’s Word. The very God who caused the new birth provided the very words that cause sanctification to understand Him more accurately and love Him more rightly until glorification. Know more of the doctrine of God.

10.)Meditate upon Old Testament Scriptures and read commentaries by respected authors to understand them.


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