The Law is treated as a foreign language to those who are perishing

December 22, 2008

The purpose of the law is to convict of sin. The knowledge of it already dwells within the conscience of even the most hardened sinner. Unregenerate knowledge utilizes a language from the enemy [Satan] that is common among other unregenerate sinners. It is a relatively agreeable language, in that, sin is the common derivative. Certain gods and idols are uniquely fashioned to our liking and can easily transfer from one to another like a contagious disease. Because man is fallen, it is the agreeableness of the sin nature that seeks the opposite of what the law states, birthing self-indulgent pleasure; making man his own God and thus having forever committed moral suicide [Gen. 3:5]. “Honor your father and mother.” The sin language that sinners speak, at the very most, naturally do not agree to honor, love and respect those God has used to bring about their birth. “You shall not murder.” At the very least, we love to hate and approve of others who do the same. Apart from Grace, we cannot escape those things we naturally speak and do. The sin nature is a universal death language that is common among all mankind.


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